Another Random Day [ARD] was started in 1997 when a few cats started making crude stick comics from IRC logs. Twenty were created and lived in storage until September 2005 when they were placed online for fun. ARD was brought back in 2006 after a night of drinking and setting several midgets on fire. We hope ARD offends you, or at the very least, causes a seizure or two.

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Made with the GIMP.

Can we print ARD in our magazine/newspaper?

If it’s a non-profit publication, you need no permission — just print them with attribution to If it’s a for-profit operation, shoot us a email.

Have you ever worn mismatched socks?


Do you give back?

Yes! It’s not much but we split the donations between Bash and QDB.

What powers the site?

ARD runs WordPress with the Comicpress plugin.